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life insurance is usually better than a funeral plan

Is Life Insurance Better Than a Funeral Plan?

If you’re currently researching different insurance options, you may be wondering if it’s better to purchase a life insurance policy or a funeral plan. Let’s talk about the specifics and if one of these options will work better for you.

Life Insurance

For most people, life insurance is the best option. If you have dependents or others that look to you for financial support, life insurance is the best way to ensure they’ll be taken care of monetarily once you pass. Because life insurance payouts are typically larger than those for funeral plans, it’s the best option for this scenario.

Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are intended to cover one-time costs and are not meant to provide financial support for others. Those who have limited family or are not responsible to provide for them can consider this type of plan as a way to cover the costs of their funeral and/or burial.


Life insurance policies are typically more expensive than funeral plans, due to the fact that their death benefit is usually significantly higher. If you’re looking for an insurance option that will continue to pay for a long period of time after your death, life insurance is the right option. If you’re wanting to purchase insurance to cover some of your end-of-life costs, but not provide lasting financial support, then purchasing a funeral plan may be the best option for you.

In most cases, life insurance is better than a funeral plan. This is because life insurance can cover a variety of costs, while funeral plans are only intended to cover one-time expenses. Funeral plans are still an excellent option, however. They can be purchased with your general funeral wishes in mind, using the budget as a factor. While there are definitely reasons to purchase a funeral plan, life insurance is a much more comprehensive option that allows for more flexibility and financial support.

If you have a family and would like to provide for them after your passing, purchasing a life insurance policy will do so. If you’re solely looking to cover the costs of your funeral and burial, a funeral policy will be the best choice for that. Regardless of which option you choose, your death benefit can be used to pay the outstanding debt or medical bills you may incur. 

Discuss Your Life Insurance Options with an Agent

If you’re ready to discuss which type of policy you should purchase, give us a call. One of our professionals can help you weigh your options and do the research necessary to find the right plan.