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Is Cancer Insurance Worth Getting? - Trusted Senior Specialists

12/01/2020 | 06:00 AM | 5 Min Read
Is Cancer Insurance Worth Getting? - Trusted Senior Specialists

If you’re worried about the medical expenses that are associated with a cancer diagnosis, you may consider purchasing cancer insurance. Cancer insurance is not an alternative to traditional full health care coverage, but it can be a great supplement for people who do eventually get diagnosed with cancer. Here is what you need to know about cancer insurance. 

What Is Cancer Insurance?

Cancer insurance pays the costs of medical services that are intended to treat or diagnose cancer. There are two types of cancer insurance, one type pays benefits on diagnosis and the other pays benefits once you begin treatment. If you choose to have your benefits paid out upon diagnosis, you will receive your payment in a single lump sum. With this type of plan, you are free to use the additional funds as you see fit, meaning you don’t always have to use the money to pay for treatment. 

If you choose a cancer insurance policy that pays for treatment, you will not get a lump sum payment. Instead, your insurer will pay some or all of your cancer-related health care expenses. When you sign up for cancer insurance, you will know exactly how much money you get upon diagnosis or if you chose a treatment coverage plan, you will know what portion of your costs are covered by the policy. 

Benefits Of Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance can be a great supplement for your individual or group health plan. With cancer insurance, health services that may not be covered under your other insurance policy will be paid for. The cancer insurance policy can also help replace lost income if you are unable to work due to your cancer diagnosis. Ongoing bills, such as mortgages and utilities can be covered using cancer insurance as well, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing your home. Even travel expenses can be paid for, so no cancer treatment center will be too far for you to reach. 

Find Cancer Insurance

Finding the right cancer insurance policy can be difficult without help. Get in touch with the insurance experts at Trusted Senior Specialists to start shopping. Our agents are waiting for your call, so reach out to us now to schedule an appointment.

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