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Medicare is more than just getting a quote. Deciding on a Medicare plan can be a lot of work to tackle on your own. Understanding the options that are available to you and knowing how to navigate through the information to ensure you are getting the health plan that covers your medical needs and protects your bank account can be overwhelming. Working with someone you can trust that can help you find a plan that fits your needs is important.

Hello, we are Melinda and Michael Wilhelm, founders of Trusted Senior Specialists LLC. Because of the commitment we have made to our clients, we have been awarded the Better Business Bureau Award of Excellence for 17 consecutive years.


Speaking with our licensed Medicare professionals really is the secret to mastering great healthcare and getting your Medicare right the first time. We are available to do plan reviews live and online by sharing our screen in order to show you exactly what we are looking at, so you are in control of your Medicare review.



We are able to assist with these Languages: English, Español, Hindi (हिंदी), Urdu (اردو),
Tagalog, Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

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Melinda & Michael Wilhelm

Michael Santos

AJ Gonzalez
VP Business Operations

Leticia Cordova
Agent Center Manager

Jeremy Johnson
National Training Director and Agency Development

Chris Argote
Training Manager

Adriana Gomez
Licensed Sales Agent

Carmelita McMillin
Licensed Sales Agent

Chelsea Goin
Licensed Sales Agent

Dalia Mireles
Licensed Sales Agent

Farah Dadhaboy
Licensed Sales Agent

Loida Amaya 
Licensed Sales Agent

Mikahla Sudarsky
Licensed Sales Agent

Navraj Dhanjal
Licensed Sales Agent

Samera Godil
Licensed Sales Agent

Licensed Sales Agent

Thuy Martin
Licensed Sales Agent

Fernando Lopez
Licensed Sales Agent

Sondra Ford
Senior Compliance Officer

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Compliance Officer

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Compliance Quality Officer

Karen McMoran
Customer Service Manager

Ashley Zelaya 
Customer Service Representative

This Is What People Are Saying About Our Medicare Lifetime Coaches And Our Exceptional Customer Service

Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Had my second really positive experience with Adriana today while my husband was enrolling in a Medicare supplement and RX plan. As with our first experience, Adriana provided clear, concise information and answered all questions effectively. As I had gone through the same process with Adriana a year ago, it was like chatting with a friend. The entire enrollment process was so easy! I am happy to know that Adriana and Trusted Senior Specialists are just a phone call away if we have additional questions or concerns.​
Marianne E. - (5 Stars)
Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Adrianna is the best. She stays in contact with me throughout the year of any updates or changes. If I have a question she always gets back to me the same day. She is a life saver and so happy God brought her into my life. Thank you, Adrianna for everything.
Bonnie M. - (5 Stars)
Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Adriana is such huge plus to your company! I have been dealing with your company for about 3 years and she is such a pleasure to work with. I was at a total loss when I first retired and she has helped me through it all. No matter what I call about - she will do her best to help me out. I have highly recommended her to my friends. Thank you so much for your time - just wanted you to know how wonderful she is.
Kathy V. - (5 Stars)
Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I’ve spoken At length to Adrianna several times and she has gone far above and beyond to answer ALL my questions and has readily sent info to me that we have discussed. She is pleasant and has worked tirelessly to help educate me and help me navigate the complex world of Medicare. I believe that with all of her help - I’ve been able to choose the very best coverage for me in terms of cost and coverage!!! I am truly appreciative of the work she has done on my behalf.
Donna V. - (5 Stars)
Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Adriana was fantastic at answering all our questions, comparing plans and helping us get enrolled in the best plan for my wife and I. She was very responsive to our requests and did so in a very timely fashion.
Ron W. - (5 Stars)
Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Adriana helped myself so much with answers to all the questions I had. I was new to Medicare and needed help to find a good supplemental insurance for that would cover most of my medical needs. She provided the most updated information. Registration was a breeze with her. Thank you
William P. - (5 Stars)
Adriana Gomez, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Thank you, thank you for explaining a very complicated matter about Medicare supplement insurance. Explanation of the process and the right plans have given me the security of knowing I have chosen what will work best for me . Thanks again Adriana for guiding me through this and for your great customer support
Cherry P. - (5 Stars)
Carmelita McMillin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Carmelita was very helpful, kind and compassionate. Carmelita was understanding and very happy to help me. I am so grateful to have her helping me. She is very knowledgeable about what I need to do. Thank you
Karen M. - (5 Stars)
Carmelita McMillin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I cannot begin to thank Carmelita for all her help in setting up a Medicare Supplement for my mother. My mother was moving due to the death of my father and she needed to change her coverage. It took a long time to get all the pieces put together but Carmelita kept working with me to find a solution. After 2 days we were able to enroll my mother and get everything in place. I could never have done this on my own. I felt like Carmelita truly cared and was willing to do anything she could to help me. Thank you so much!
Becky G. - (5 Stars)
Carmelita McMillin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
We love working with Carmelita at Trusted Senior Specialists. She is always friendly and receptive to resolving our issues, whatever they may be. I would definitely recommend Trusted Senior Specialists to anyone needing assistance. Connie & Tommy
Connie & Tommy. - (5 Stars)
Carmelita McMillin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
This review is for Carmelita McMillan, I want to tell you how very much that Carmelita did to help me, this lady is the very best Senior Specialist that anyone could get lucky enough to get her to help you, Carmelita went above and beyond what she had to do to help me get signed up for Medicare, if it weren't for her, I would have given up quite a few month's ago, she kept encouraging me to hang in there, that I would get signed up, she was so very helpful, very courteous, very friendly, very professional, and in my opinion, she should get a promotion, you can't get anyone any better than Carmelita McMillan, I would highly recommend her to anyone that I know, I will have a few family members that will be signing up for Medicare in a few year's and I will get them to use Carmelita for their Medicare Senior Specialist, I really can't say enough about how this lady really went out of her way to help me, as I have already said, you can't get anyone any better than Carmelita McMillan, she is the very best Senior Specialist that you have, thank you so much for allowing me to tell you how this lady helped me, I owe her so very much and I can promise you that I will never ever forget her, she's the very best!
Dianne H. - (5 Stars)
Farah Dadhaboy, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I can’t say enough good things about TSS! And especially my representative, Farah Dadabhoy! She walked me through every nook and cranny of Medicare and the Supplemental insurance that was available to me. She has checked back with me even after 3 years to make sure I’m happy with my choices. TSS has a gem in Farah. A lovely and compassionate woman with all the knowledge of all the products that anyone could ask for. She’s a keeper!
Jacquelyn C. - (5 Stars)
Farah Dadhaboy, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I will tell everyone about my experience with Trusted Senior Specialists! I dreaded signing up for Medicare cause I had no clue what to do. These individuals made it easy. They walked through every step with me. Their patience and kindness made me feel good about the decisions I made for plans that fit into my budget. I thank Karen and Farah for all the time they spent on me to make sure I was getting the coverage I needed. Thank you so much!
Vicky B. - (5 Stars)
Farah Dadhaboy, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Farah did an outstanding Job beyond all my expectations in helping me to choose the right Plan available !!!. So full of knowledge she answered all my questions and took her time to inform me how to make the right choice !!!. It is such a Blessing to know that I can trust her with my health insurance needs and I'll be more than happy to recommend her to everyone I know !!!. Farah thank you so much and God Bless you all !!!
Vasile O. - (5 Stars)
Farah Dadhaboy, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I have worked with Trusted Senior Specialists for several years now and the service has continually gotten better. This year I have been talking with Farah Dadabhoy and we decided on a new plan for 2020 that is the best I have ever seen, Farah spent time helping me study plans and is very knowledgeable. She is so kind and helpful I would rate her an outstanding performer in the field. WOW
J. R. - (5 Stars)
Farah Dadhaboy, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Trusted Senior Specialists is truly a godsend to seniors!! Farah is absolutely AWESOME! She is so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! I have recommended her to both my family members and former co-workers. She is an absolute delight to work with!
Vicky O. - (5 Stars)
Farah Dadhaboy, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Farah exceeded my expectations and guided me with professional clarity as well as sensitivity and patience . Her resourcefulness and followup made this process extremely valuable on both the educational and comforting levels. I will wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Farah's expertise to my networks. So very Grateful.
Amelia - (5 Stars)
Keandra Austin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I want to thank KEANDRA for helping me navigate thru the Medicare process. She has been very positive, helpful and informative. Kendra was very patient and explained every detail to me. She followed up and checked on me to make sure I didn't have any questions or concerns. I want to thank Keandra for her expertise and professionalism. Kendra was so friendly and courteous at all times. It was a pleasure talking with her.
Estephanie D. - (5 Stars)
Keandra Austin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Great Experience and Wonderful company !! Keandra is just AMAZING, very knowledgeable, collected and selfless. Positive attitude... I feel valued and appreciated as a client.
Andrea J. - (5 Stars)
Navraj Dhanjal, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Navraj has been an extremely helpful and knowledgeable assistance to me in navigating my entry into the world of Medicare. Thank you for having such professional, kind & caring people on your staff. It is comforting in today’s busy world. I would recommend your company and Navraj in particular to anyone I know facing the same issues. Thank you.
Rose E. - (5 Stars)
Navraj Dhanjal, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I contacted Trusted Senior Specialists for help getting the most appropriate Medicare supplemental and drug plans. I was lucky enough to work with licensed agent Navraj Dhanjal. She was a delight to work with. Plus, she was very nice and personable, extremely helpful and well-informed. She was exceeding patient with my many questions and no inquiry was a bother. I am confident, thanks to her knowledge and experience in the field of insurance, that I, with her guidance and advice, selected the best Medicare supplemental and drug plans for my situation. I highly recommend Trusted Senior Specialists.
David K. - (5 Stars)
Navraj Dhanjal, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Navraj does an incredible job of explaining all of the different options that are available and helping her customers transition into Medicare. Thank you for the review and please give us a call if you have any questions.
Brian D. - (5 Stars)
Navraj Dhanjal, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I have used them the last two years. Last year for my husband and this year for both of us. I worked with Navraj and she is wonderful. She made the process very easy for signing up both for our medigap and part D policies. I highly recommend Trusted Senior Specialist for all your Medicare needs.
Sue S. - (5 Stars)
Navraj Dhanjal, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I highly recommend Navraj Dhanjal. She was the agent I dealt with and helped me in getting set up for medicare supplement plan and prescription plan. She answered any questions I had. Very pleasant and cheerful!
Patty H. - (5 Stars)
Navraj Dhanjal, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I am grateful for the specialist who worked with me today Navraj, couldn't find a most caring, thoughtful person to work with. A good listener, patience, and knew what I was looking for in a health plan. Thank you so much, glad to have met you, and if covid wasn't around would of liked to meet with you. Great work ethics, Thank you thank you thank you.
Coletta W.. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I was fortunate enough to have Samera take my call 3 years ago when I became eligible for Medicare supplemental enrollment. Samera at Trusted Senior Specialists gave me excellent advice which has continually fit my needs and saved me over $45,000 in the past year for unexpected hospital bills I would have been responsible for without her advice. Samera will provide options and all available choices to meet anyone's needs. Thorough and Resourceful. Thomas C.
Thomas C. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Samera was awesome! She had all the answers to my questions. She also had the best quotes for my area in my state. She talked me through everything and we made all the best choices. Can't say enough good things about Samera and Trusted Senior Specialists!!
Amy R. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I just signed up with Trusted Senior Specialists LLC, through agent, Samera Godil, and it was a professional and concise process with disclaimers and options completely explained. Samera was very knowledgeable on all my clarifications and I am now signed up for all my Medicare options. I provide my highest recommendation to use both Samera and their services!!
Lee A. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Great help in navigating the process for applying for Medicare Supplement plan and an extra plan for dental/vision/hearing. My agent, Samera is very knowledgeable, helpful and proactive with following up.
Patricia M. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I can't say enough about Samera! She is perfect for her job and TTS. She helped me get through this confusing process and I couldn't be more happy! She is personable, professional, kind, patient, etc., and she made me feel like family. What more could I ask for. I had a great experience with Samera and will send everyone I know to her and the company. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will actually miss talking to Samera, she made my day!
Shirley W. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Samera helped me make a decision by listening to what I needed then emailing me all the different plans that would meet my needs. I was then able to review them at my convenience. There was no pressure and she treated me like a good friend/family. We talked again and after I made my decision she signed me up. I will definitely call and ask for Samera next year!
Elaine M. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I was sooooooo confused about the entire Medicare process that I was too embarassed at my age to inquire about the first steps I needed to take. Then came Samera. Wow! She was so knowledgeable, patient, friendly, professional, courteous, informative, and oh, so friendly, Well today I had to call back because I thought I missed a deadline for something and was connected to Farah-only to realize that she was just as exceptional as Samera. So, I told her of this awesome Medicare facilitator and what I appreciated about her and had found those same customer service qualities in Farah. Then I found out that these two are both sisters who work together in that department. How fortunate is that department!
Purette D. - (5 Stars)
Samera Godil, Lifetime Medicare Coach
They're the best. Helped me with all my questions and concerns. Got signed up on the first call for Medicare. That's how knowledgeable Samera was. My confusion is over. Thank you, thank you
Myra W. - (5 Stars)
Thuy Martin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Thanks to Trusted Senior Specialists team with specials thanks to Mrs. Thuy for helping me and my wife to choose the right Medicare Advantage and plans that meet our needed. She also explains and helping to apply for other programs that we do not knows that we can qualify too like Medicare Savings and Medicaid Program too. Thank you.
Huang D. - (5 Stars)
Thuy Martin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
I'm very happy when I know TSS I saw in Facebook. And I'm very lucky to talk with Thuy. She's very nice to take care customers. She helped me and my husband from A to Z. I'm thank to TSs and specilal Thank you Thuy So much
Son M. - (5 Stars)
Thuy Martin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
Thuy Martin, she was so patient and kind. She was helping me a lot of things. I am appreciate it.
Luong P. - (5 Stars)
Thuy Martin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
THUY is a polite and sweet lady and her performance is very professional. I really am appreciating her patient to help us enroll into Medicare. She is very trustworthy and has always devoted her time and effort to ensure effective result. I recommend THUY due to her high quality work and has help me tremendously. Thank you.
Nhung H. - (5 Stars)
Chelsea Goin, Lifetime Medicare Coach
We needed to find new health insurance, received referral from a friend. We were so please with the time the representative took to explain all of our questions and concerns, as we are both retired and needed a good plan to meet our needs. We would highly recommend if anyone needs assistance in this area to definitely give them a call to check out all their options, very friendly, courteous staff.
Rosemary K. - (5 Stars)

We love your feedback, leave us a a review!

JC Parson
Read More
Navraj helped me answer a multitude of questions that I had and never once lost patience with me. I had been thru several meetings, 9 different sales reps, and over 50 phone calls on Medicare, and still felt lost! Navraj took the mystery out of it and made me comfortable with my decisions. Her ability to listen and her passion to help, sets her apart from anyone I have ever dealt with. Highest possible recommendation.
M K Graham
Read More
Trusted Senior Specialists were a 10 on a 10 scale in helping me navigate through my many options to choose from. It is a lengthy process to make the right choices. Lazarus provided me with all of the information I needed, was very courteous and kind in helping me understand the choices that are available; he patiently gave me as much of his time as I needed. I have confidence I made the right choices and I know I can call him anytime in the future if my needs change.
Helena Mucher
Read More
What can I say about Trusted Senior Specialists? They are very kind and very understanding and patient and thorough. Me and my aunt had a scheduled phone appt with them and the agent Carmelita was right on time. She help us with a getting her Medicare and a supplement plan to cover the difference. Now she can see her doctor again without a huge copay. Thank you Trusted Senior
Zachary Williams
Read More
We looked at some plan for my sister (she is mentally challenged), but didn't know which one to use. I called a few places and they just seem to only want money not really caring if it is was the one I need or not. When I called Trusted Senior Specialists I was greeted with a caring agent and asked what my needs were felt well taken care of and our insurance is in place. Oh and the agent described what the plan help with and if we have pay anything to see a doctor. Thank you Martin and Trusted Senior specialists
Tisha Odom
Read More
My Grandpa needed some help with switching plans, when he called Trusted Senior Specialists I made sure he asked how much do they charge to him with a plan "Nothing" they replied then he almost dropped the phone from confusion. So we both spoke with Adriana and she was as sweet and an Angel. She was able to get him on a plan with less copays and prescription cost. He was so happy. He is telling his friends right now as I type this. haha 100**** for Trusted Senior Specialists.

Medicare Advantage

The same basic coverage as Original Medicare but with some added benefits like dental, vision, and hearing, prescription drug coverage, and more! Some qualify to receive these plans at no additional cost to their Medicare premium!

Medicare Part D​

This is Medicare’s prescription drug benefit. Original Medicare does not come with this coverage. Therefore, if you need your prescriptions covered, the only way to receive coverage is through a standalone Part D plan or a Medicare Advantage plan that includes it.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Insurance helps members of Original Medicare to 'fill in the gaps' of their coverage. Medicare Supplements cover a portion of the expenses left behind by Original Medicare. In some cases, out-of-pocket expenses can even be eliminated.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans

Coverage for routine dental and eye exams, routine dental care, hearing aids, and more! If you’re a Medicare beneficiary, these services are not covered by basic Medicare. You’ll need to purchase this plan separately or have an Advantage plan that includes it.

Individual Health Insurance

Does your work not provide insurance? Or maybe you need a plan that offers better coverage than what your business provides? We can help you find the best coverage for the lowest price available.

Final Expense Insurance

Don’t leave your family with the burden to cover your funeral, burial, and other final expenses. Have health issues and are afraid you can’t get coverage? Don’t be! We can find coverage for virtually anyone!

Cancer Plans

Cancer plans can literally be a lifesaver. Being diagnosed with cancer is accompanied by many unexpected expenses, including examinations, medical care visits, and expensive treatments. Don’t let financial stress add to this trying situation.