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it's wise to have an individual health insurance policy

How Can Individual Health Insurance Benefit You?

If you’re currently not enrolled in any form of health insurance policy, you’re placing yourself at unnecessary financial risk. Medical bills can easily grow into the thousands, so going on without insurance can cost you gravely if you suffer an untimely injury. Purchasing an individual health insurance plan can protect you and ensure that you have access to the health care services you need. This is how individual health insurance can benefit you.

What Is Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance is any policy that is purchased by an individual, for themselves or their family members. The policy can be structured based on their needs and their budget, with options like the Affordable Care Act plans to offer tremendous flexibility. Individual health plans are an alternative to employer-based plans, which are commonly offered by employers who have a certain number of employers or a high enough income. 

Benefits Of Individual Health Insurance

Having an individual health insurance policy can be a good idea, even if you have the option of purchasing an employer-sponsored plan. Here are some of the core benefits of individual health insurance:


If you have an individual health insurance plan, switching jobs won’t compromise your insurance status. Unlike employer-based coverage, which ends when you leave your employer, your individual health plan will stay intact regardless of your employment status. As long as you pay your premiums, your policy will remain active. 


Individual health plans also come in a great variety, allowing you to customize your coverage based on you or your family’s needs. Plans can be selected based on cost or coverage level, you have control. Working with an insurance agent will allow you to optimize your coverage effectively, as they understand the market and can help you determine exactly how much insurance you need. 

Cost Savings

In some instances, an individual health plan may be less expensive than other options. You may also be eligible for premium tax credits that reduce your monthly premium costs. You can also qualify for individual health plans very easily, meaning you won’t have to worry about lapses in coverage. 

Find Individual Health Coverage

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