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What is Telehealth/Televisit ?

Telehealth is the use of technology to access medical care – without having to see a doctor in person.  Telehealth is often provided through secure websites and apps and it can use different technologies such as email, text, or video chats like zoom.

A telehealth/televisit is very similar to seeing a doctor in person in that you will still get to discuss your symptoms, get medical advice and sometimes even get a prescription. It was predicted, according to, that we reached over a billion telehealth visits in the US  in 2020.

Televist vs In Person Doctor visit

What are the Pros of Telehealth?

According to WebMd, Here are the advantages: 

– It’s convenient. 

 Driving to your doctor’s office and sitting in a waiting room takes time.  Telehealth is faster, more comfortable and efficient. 

-It’s safer

Sitting in a doctor’s office filled with sick people that could expose you to Covid and other infections can be risky

-It’s more comfortable

Your home is familiar and it may be easier for the patient, especially if it’s a child or a person with dementia or anxiety, to talk to a doctor this way.  

What are the Cons?

-Some types of visits just don’t work from a distance such as a mammogram, bloodwork, X Rays or anything that requires a hands on approach.  

-You need technology like a computer, smartphone or tablet which many seniors don’t have or are comfortable using.

-It’s more difficult to form a personal connection between the doctor and patient

-It may not be covered by your insurance.  Ask up front what your OOP (Out of Pocket expense) would be 

-It could risk your privacy.  No technology is 100% safe.  There is always that small chance that your data could be breached. 

The World Health Organization says telehealth can help you get support faster where you need it

  • Overcome geographical barriers
  • Use technology to enhance your medical care
  • Get better faster by not having to go out to see a doctor

Research shows that telehealth can save you time and money, and give you more options to take care of our medical care.

In many places, the average wait time to see a doctor in person is over 18 days, whereas Telehealth appointments are often available the same day

The average telehealth visit only takes about 15 minutes, while an in person visit takes an average of 2 hours when  you factor in drive time to get there, and waiting in the waiting room.  Out of these 2 hours you only get to spend an average of 20 minutes with the doctor.

A 2019 survey , according to Good Rx Health, says that over 75% of people thought telehealth was as good or better than an in-person visit.

Now that you know the pros and cons of these options, we hope we helped you  find the best way to take care of your medical needs. 

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