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Medicare covers medical equipment necessary for diabetics

What Does Medicare Cover for Diabetics?

Medicare covers a wide variety of treatment and supplies, including those needed to manage diabetes. If you’re diabetic and wondering if Medicare has made provisions for you, know that there is care available and many needed diabetes supplies are covered.

Medicare Coverage for Diabetes: Part B

Medicare is divided up into different parts, with each part providing a certain area of coverage. Part B covers many things and includes coverage for durable medical equipment. The supplies that are covered through Part B include those needed for diabetes management. Blood sugar monitors, lancing devices, and test strips are all included within Part B, ensuring you have access to the medical supplies needed for a healthy life.

In order for diabetes supplies to be covered by Medicare, they must be medically necessary. Your doctor will need to ensure Medicare that the services and supplies you’re using are within their qualifications and necessary for your medical treatment. When this is done, your insurance will cover the needed diabetes supplies.

Medicare Coverage for Diabetes: Part D

Medicare Part D is not included within Original Medicare, so nobody will be automatically enrolled in it. If you do choose to enroll in Part D, you’ll have prescription drug coverage. There are different tiers included within Part D, with each tier corresponding to an area of medication. When selecting your tier, choose one that includes the medication needed to manage your diabetes. Insulin, as well as anti-diabetic drugs, is included within Part D’s coverage. If you have diabetes, it’s probably the wisest decision to enroll in Part D and start getting prescription drug coverage now.

Medicare and Diabetes Overview

Medicare provides many options for diabetes treatment and management because its coverage was created with beneficiaries in mind. In order to gain access to covered diabetes treatment, it must be deemed medically necessary and included within your health insurance policy.

Discuss Your Options with a Trusted Medicare Agent

If you have questions about your current Medicare coverage or are wanting to maximize your benefits, reach out to us today. Our team is composed of Medicare experts who can help you evaluate your policy and decide if making a change would be beneficial. Living with diabetes can be hard, so let us take some of the stress away by consulting on your insurance decisions. We understand the importance of knowing what your policy covers and how that coverage can be used, so we look forward to discussing options with you.