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you don't have to "qualify" for Medicare's AEP

How to Qualify for the Annual Enrollment Period

You don’t have to qualify for the Annual Enrollment Period, but rather for the coverage and provider you’re applying for. To help you better understand the coverage you may qualify and apply for during Annual Open Enrollment, let’s break down all of your options and eligibility.

Qualifying for Original Medicare During Annual Enrollment

During Annual Enrollment, if you missed your Initial Enrollment Period, you have the option to apply for Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). You do not have to be concerned about qualifying for the Enrollment period, then, but instead about whether or not you are eligible for Original Medicare itself.

Original Medicare is one of the easiest health insurance plans to qualify for. Generally, for Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Part D, you or your spouse must be/have at least one of the following to qualify:

  • A U.S. Citizen and 65 or Older
  • End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Receiving/Can Receive Social Security or Railroad Retirement Benefits
  • Under 65 and Have Received Certain Disability Benefits from the RRB for at Least 24 Months
  • Under 65 and Have Received Disability Benefits from Social Security for 24 Months or More

If you meet any of these qualifications, you may qualify for Original Medicare, and thus the Annual Enrollment Period.

Qualifying for Medicare Advantage During Annual Enrollment

In general, if you qualify for Original Medicare, you are eligible for Medicare Advantage as well. So, for Annual Open Enrollment, you also have the option to sign up for one of these plans.

Advantage plans are offered by private companies rather than the federal government. But, even if you have serious health and/or preexisting condition(s), you still cannot legally be denied Advantage coverage by a provider. As long as you can afford the plan, you are eligible to sign up during Annual Open Enrollment.

Qualifying for Prescription Drug Coverage During Annual Enrollment

Once again, as long as you meet one of the qualifications listed for Original Medicare, you also qualify for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D). Because it is an option to do so, you qualify for the Annual Enrollment Period.

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