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Discover the Benefits of Compounding Pharmacies: Personalized Care for Your Special Medical Needs

While traditional pharmacies are responsible for filling common prescriptions for their patients, Compound pharmacies are different in the way that they are able to fill customized prescriptions that are prepared to meet a patient’s specific needs. Needs that cannot be met with traditional mass market medications. Compound pharmacies use innovative technology to manufacture prescriptions that may contain multiple drugs and alternate dosage strategies.  

There are several reasons as to why a someone would want a medication from a compounding pharmacy. A quick example is, if you, or a loved one is unable to swallow pills, a compounding pharmacist can compound a cream or rub that penetrated the skin to allow for quick medication delivery. Compounding pharmacists are able to prepare custom medications taking into consideration such things as  allergies, the availability of commercial prescriptions, dosage strength, and alternative delivery forms. These customizations give patients more choices when it comes to addressing their health concerns.  

Although mass manufactured medications are still the standard in many pharmacies today, the demand for compounding is on the rise. Its unique and helpful benefits have been instrumental in bettering the lives of many patients. Compound pharmacies are required to adhere to the standards that are set by the United States Pharmacopeia. Under this watchful care, customers can be confident knowing that they are being provided with safe, high quality medications to meet their specific needs.  

An open line of communication with your physician and pharmacist is essential when it comes to improving your health and well-being. 

If you are interested in utilizing a compound pharmacy for your prescription needs, let our expert agent know so they can find the right plan that has compounding pharmacies in its network. 

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