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What Are the Benefits of Having Hearing Insurance? - Trusted Senior Specialists

01/20/2021 | 06:00 AM | 4 Min Read
What Are the Benefits of Having Hearing Insurance? - Trusted Senior Specialists

Hearing coverage is sometimes left out of health insurance plans, but like vision and dental insurance plans, it can be purchased separately. To understand the true benefits, the signs of hearing loss and the costs for treatment without insurance must be addressed first. Then, the benefits will be explained in reference to the effects and treatment of hearing loss.

Hearing Insurance Makes Worries About Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Costs a Thing of the Past

Hearing loss is an unsettling reality for those who are aging or have experienced major ear trauma. It interferes with quality of life, as the difficulty it poses makes sufferers struggle in social settings. Everything sounds muffled, people are having to repeat themselves when talking to you, and you find that you’re turning the volume up more than usual. This is frightening, but not untreatable.

Hearing aids were created to combat these side effects. They enable you to hear in the way you once did, and you have plenty to choose from. Hearing aids come in all shapes, strengths, and sizes – some are invisible to other people, others have advanced wiring and tubing so that even if your condition is severe, you have a way to regain your hearing.

Insurance is a must – there’s no definitive figure of hearing aid costs without insurance, as costs vary between brand and type. There are some hearing aids that can cost up to $4,000 for just one ear alone. For someone without insurance, the option is either to take a huge financial hit or continue to live with the symptoms that may worsen over time.

What Hearing Insurance Can Do for You

Hearing insurance coverage mostly deals with hearing aids, though hearing exams are often included. Insurance reduces the costs of getting hearing aids themselves, while also providing coverage in case you lose or damage your hearing devices. This gives you an inexpensive means of repairing and replacing an expensive medical device.

For Those with Medicare

If you qualify for Medicare, you should look into a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage, unlike Original Medicare, offers hearing coverage. You have the option to get this through Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and HMO Point-of-Service (HMO-POS) plans are examples of the types of Medicare Advantage plans you can opt for. This allows you to get all the coverage you need under one plan.

Hearing Loss Doesn’t Define You

You should not have to go through life with the physical and emotional burden that comes from hearing loss. It’s not an easy life to live. But with us at Trusted Senior Specialists, you won’t need to fear having difficulties with conversations or feel as though you’re unable to afford your way out of what you’re suffering from.

We value providing you with an affordable hearing insurance plan in light of rising hearing treatments and devices because we pride ourselves in honest and reliable service. And likewise, the number of individuals reaching out to us is always growing due to the effort we put into helping every person make the best choice.

We give you the power to get what you need the most at the best price. Call us today at (855) 952-1941. We also give you the option to get a video chat consultation for free.

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