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Why consider Medicare Supplements to cover the gaps in Medicare?

Medicare helps millions of American seniors and disabled people pay medical bills, but there are gaps in the program that still leave beneficiaries vulnerable. Examples are copay’s, deductibles and things that Medicare doesn’t cover at all. Some Medicare recipients buy supplements, sometimes called Medigap plans, in order to protect themselves against these gaps in health coverage.

What doesn’t Medicare cover? 
These are examples of some things that Medicare won’t cover at all:

  • Almost any medical services outside of the USA
  • Long-term care, most dental services, hearing, and most vision services
  • Routine foot care and cosmetic care
  • Ambulances, copies of X-Rays, and misc. hospital charges

If you aren’t sure if a service that you want is covered, you can visit this handy Medicare coverage search box. Just enter a service, and the system will tell you how it is covered.

What does original Medicare only partially cover? 
Even for things that Medicare does cover, it may not cover them at 100 percent.

These are examples for Medicare Part A deductibles and charges:

  • Hospital deductible of $1,364 (in 2019) per benefit period
  • Twenty percent of the cost of home medical equipment
  • At day 61, you pay $341 for each day in the hospital
  • At day 91, you pay $682 for each day in the hospital
  • After lifetime reserve days are exhausted, all costs

These are examples of Medicare Part B deductibles and charges:

  • Annual Part B deductible for 2019: $135.50
  • Durable medical equipment co payment: 20 percent
  • Most doctor’s services: 20 percent

Are You Concerned About Things Medicare Won’t Pay For?
Medicare is a fantastic benefit program, but it won’t pay for all of your health care costs. Our Trusted Senior Specialists are eager to find an affordable and convenient Medicare health insurance plan to make your own health care costs affordable.

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