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Who Should I Talk to About Medicare Plans?

The amount of information that a Medicare eligible starts to receive before their 65th birthday is no joke! It is easy to want to toss it all aside (or in the trash) and wait before making any decisions. The problem in choosing to wait is that once you make that decision you leave yourself with limited time frame in which to make your decisions. With limited time you may feel pressure to make a quick decision, and in the long run a decision that is made on a whim can be costly for your health and for your pocketbook. Decisions that are made under stressful circumstance rarely ever end in good results. 

You see, there is so much to contemplate when you are making Medicare considerations, and the truth is that not all of the options offered to you will be a good fit. Some Medicare eligibles have questions they are having difficulty finding the answers to on their own. Many don’t realize that they have questions until they start weeding through all of the information they have received. A great number of people are finding comfort in having someone to discuss their Medicare options with. Someone who can answer their questions and help them to narrow down the choices. Medicare is not something to take lightly. Your health depends on the choice you make.

Why speak with a professional?

Think for a minute. Would you try to teach a class on a subject you were not well versed in? Would you represent yourself in a serious court matter? How about attempting to drive a big rig without the proper training or endorsements? If you answered “no” to any of these scenarios, why would you attempt to navigate the maze of Medicare rules and options by yourself?

When sorting through Medicare plans it can become easy to focus on one thing, for instance, premium amount. However, while focusing on one thing, you may miss other critical information that is just as important, such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. A lower premium plan may cost you more in the end if you are stuck with high deductibles. Working with a professional can help give you peace of mind that knowing by the time you finish this process you have selected a plan that best fits your healthcare needs and your budget.

Why Trusted Senior Specialists?

When our company was founded in 2001, Michael and Melinda Wilhelm had the needs of Medicare eligibles and beneficiaries at the forefront of their minds. They put themselves in the position of the clients and have made sure that all of their trusted agents have the proper training and a thorough knowledge of plans offered to make enrollment successful and stress free for our clients. We provide one on one, unbiased and personalized Medicare assistance at no cost to you. We have complete commitment to our clients, we will make sure you leave us with your questions answered, knowledge of the plan you have chosen, and confident that you have made the right choices for yourself. We are not just available to you one time of year, we are available to you year round. Once we complete our initial one on one with you, we do not consider that the end of our agent/client relationship. We are here with you for the long haul. Medicare plans change yearly, and we want you to remain up to date on all of your options. It is our desire that all Medicare beneficiaries become knowledgeable on the topic of Medicare so they can be their own advocates.

Before you make a decision give us a call. Let us help simplify the process for you, whether you are brand new to Medicare or have been in for awhile and suddenly find that your plan is not cutting it for you anymore. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Medicare related plans. But there is a right and wrong when it comes to your personal needs. When it comes to this decision you want someone with real Medicare knowledge guiding you, and we feel that is us.

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