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Which is Better for you: Medicare Advantage vs. Original Medicare?

Medicare Advantage has become a popular alternative to just having original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. As you may already know, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans serve as an alternative to traditional Medicare, and they are supposed to provide plan members with coverage that is “as good or better” than original Medicare.

Which is better: Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare?

From a taxpayer’s perspective, the New York Times says that the average MA plan costs about 6% more than original Medicare. People who judge solely by cost might say that original Medicare outperforms Medicare Advantage. However, Harvard economists say that Medicare Advantage plans outperform original Medicare because they offer much better quality for a modest extra cost.

Way back when Medicare Advantage first began, in the early part of the 21st century, the plans were not considered very good. So it was easy to say that they cost more and did not deliver quality. However, much has changed in the last decade and many Medicare Advantage plans earn 4- and 5-star ratings from Medicare and consumers.

Now, when you compare people who choose Medicare Advantage vs. Traditional Medicare, you find that:

  • Medicare Advantage members are more likely to get medically necessary screenings like mammograms, blood sugar testing, retinal exams, and cholesterol tests.
  • Medicare Advantage members were more likely to get flu and pneumonia vaccinations.
  • Medicare Advantage members are just as likely to say they like their doctor and people with original Medicare.

Today’s Medicare Advantage plans have an incentive to keep their members as healthy as possible. They can reduce their costs down the line if they provide the right screenings and well care. Also, they want to keep their members happy to keep them from switching plans. Studies have also shown that most plan members tend to stay with their MA plans once they keep them.

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