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dental insurance may not be priceless, but peace of mind is

What Are the Benefits of Having Dental Insurance?

Benefits go beyond money saved. To understand it is to look at this from the alternative view – the choices you’d have to make if you didn’t have dental insurance at all.

No Dental Insurance – Two Problems

When you don’t have dental insurance, you’ve got two options: get treated at the expense of your wallet, or, ignore your symptoms.

Deciding against treatment is the deadliest option. Here are a few examples. Gum disease is the first. This is a routine treatment, and with insurance, it’s a minimal financial sacrifice. Your infected gums open the door for bacteria to infiltrate further, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. Coronary artery disease is among serious conditions correlated with untreated gum disease, which in that case, could potentially result in medical bills far exceeding what you’d pay for one dental procedure.

An untreated cracked tooth has similar possible fatal consequences. The bacteria penetrate the soft tissue layer just under the tooth’s enamel, more often than not leading to an abscess. That infection then spreads to other parts of the body, leading to your vital organs taking in an insufficient blood supply, causing clots. Ignoring dental health affects more than your teeth.

If getting treated without insurance, you can expect to pay these dental costs:

  • X-rays, cleanings, exams – up to $288
  • Fillings (per tooth) – anywhere between $150 and $4,500 depending on the type of filling

Dental Insurance Fixes Both of These Problems!

Dental insurance may not be priceless, but peace of mind is. Dental insurance coverage is based on procedure categories – preventive, basic, and major. Your dental insurance covers 100%, 80%, and 50% of these costs respectively.

Dental problems are preventable, but if ignored, they spiral into serious issues requiring invasive, extensive, and expensive treatment. Your insurance is the difference between detecting and preventing a problem at zero cost, versus having to spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

Even if you developed a serious dental issue, insurance would still cover 50%.

These benefits are quick and easy to get. Once you join a policy, you can choose any dentist within the network for less expensive treatment. But you’re not restricted to in-network dentists if you already have one out-of-network. However, you’ll pay more if you choose to go that route.

Your Benefits Begin with Trusted Senior Specialists

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