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Veterans Day

Today we honor those in all branches of the military, both past and present, who have given their lives in service and sacrifice, and who have put themselves at risk to protect our rights and our freedoms. 

Oftentimes, heroes like you who have served our nation so selflessly go without the gratitude and respect that you deserve. I would like to personally Thank You for the sacrifices that you have made for our country. America owes its Veterans and their families an enormous debt of gratitude. 

If you are a Veteran that is eligible for Medicare, you may have likely wondered what the difference is between VA benefits and Medicare coverage. Navigating the expansive world of which benefits are available to you, what you qualify for, how these benefits are compatible with other benefits and making sure that you get what you both need and want, can be a very frustrating and overwhelming task.

Our mission at Trusted Senior Specialists is to help educate and empower our veterans when it comes to Medicare options available to them outside and alongside of the VA.

If you have questions about your benefits,

we urge you to give us a call or schedule an appointment 

with us on our dedicated Veterans line at


We have a team of trained specialists ready to speak with you about Medicare plans that coordinate with your VA benefits where you would have access to a network of doctors and facilities that can treat you quickly. 

Many of these plans offer additional benefits such as vision, dental, prescription drug coverage and more. The VA recommends that Veterans NOT decline Medicare solely because they have VA benefits.

They encourage Veterans to enroll with Medicare while utilizing their local Veterans Affairs benefits to have complete coverage and control costs when it comes to needed healthcare services. 

Again, Thank You for your Service! We look forward to serving you as you have so selflessly served our country.

On behalf of everyone at Trusted Senior Specialists

 THANK YOU for your service to our country.

God Bless You and God Bless America!