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The Painful Truth About Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can make even the simplest things impossible to do.

This kind of pain affects how people are living.

It damages quality of life by limiting sleep, hindering work productivity and making it nearly impossible for some to enjoy leisure activities.

According to the National Institutes of Health there are nearly 27 million Americans reported that suffer from chronic back pain.

Yet this does not account for those who do not seek treatment.

Given the complex nature of the back, which houses a copious amount of muscles, tendons, joints, discs and ligaments, chronic back pain can be difficult to diagnose.

Symptoms can overlap and make it even more challenging for a doctor to diagnose the source of a patient’s  pain.

Inflammation can confuse the diagnosis even more because as the structure of the back becomes aggravated it can mimic the symptoms of many different conditions.

If you suffer from chronic back pain there are several categories of treatment that your doctor or specialist may suggest such as:

  • Medications: Over the counter or prescription pain relief
  • Behavior Modification: Lifestyle changes such as weight loss
  • Physical Therapy: Routine therapy that can involve core stabilization and strength building
  • Injections: Nerve block and Epidurals. Numbing medications injected in the site of the pain
  • Surgery: There are both minimally invasive and more extensive options

Every person’s symptoms are different and so their diagnosis and treatments will be constructed to cover their specific needs.

In searching for relief from back pain, you may be wondering what procedures Medicare will cover.

If you and your doctor agree that a certain procedure is right for you, you must first submit a request to Medicare to confirm if they will cover any of the cost of treatment.

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