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TSS answers the 6 most frequently asked Medicare questions

Six Frequently Asked Medicare Questions

Have you ever wondered if your questions are the same as everyone else’s?  

We’ve compiled the six most Frequently Asked Medicare Questions. These concerns are common, but you are unique! We encourage you to call and speak with one of our licensed experts — we prefer to address your situation personally.  

1) When I turn 65, will I automatically be covered by Medicare?

No. That’s only if you’re already receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits. Otherwise, you’ll need to apply. And there are a few things to consider before you send in your application for benefits. An agent at Trusted Senior Specialists can help.    

2) If I’m still employed and turning 65, do I need to sign up for Part A and Part B?

You have two options. You could delay both Parts A and B until you retire — as long as you have creditable coverage — meaning, as good as Medicare. Otherwise, you may be subjected to a late enrollment penalty.   

Or, you could elect Part A, which is premium free. And for most people, they will delay Part B until they decide to fully retire. Again, it’s best to speak with an agent.  

3) Does Medicare cover all my health care costs? 

Does it pay for 100%? No. Medicare works as an 80/20 plan once you meet your Part B annual deductible — which is only for approved medical services. A secondary plan (Medicare Supplement or Medigap) will give you peace of mind.     

4) Will Medicare cover my prescriptions?

Medicare Part D is your prescription drug coverage. It’s easy to remember because the “D” is for drugs. Medicare Part A and Part B is hospital and medical services. Part B doesn’t cover any Part D drugs that you pick up from the pharmacy. However, Original Medicare will cover some vaccines and infusions. 

Part D is a separate plan altogether.    

5) I’m on a fixed income; I’m not sure if I can afford Medicare. Is there help?

You have two choices: plan types and plan carriers. This can drive down costs depending on who you choose to work with. Also, there are state and federal benefits available to you.   

When you speak with one of our agents, we can do a means analysis and help you apply for those benefits. We’re going to help drop those costs significantly.  

6) Do I have to elect my retirement when I sign up for Medicare?

No. Most people will have full benefits if they wait until they’re 66. Medicare starts at 65. So, you can delay both OR pick up Medicare only and get those full Social Security benefits when ready.  

If you have more Medicare questions, give us a call at (844) 325-8710. We’re committed to finding a solution that’s best for you!