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Retirement Travels With Bubba

MORNING: I am an early morning starter, so with the winds subsiding for the next few hours, I take the opportunity to hike down the cliff and along the beach to the rock formations just below Yaquina Head Lighthouse. While temperatures are in the 50’s, it is not quite so cold as with the winds, so I bundle up and hit the trail. With low tide in full swing, I’m able to walk along the bed of rocks normally hidden by the rough seas. After a half hour, I’m at the rock formations that I’ve only seen at a distance since my arrival and between all of these rocks are hundreds of small individual tidal pools full of brilliant colorful sea urchins, starfish, anemone and crabs, not to mention all of the other colorful creatures that I can’t identify. A cave towards the cliff is reachable by climbing over slippery rocks, but eventually I slowly make it there to see a tunnel formed by the crashing waves of the ocean with a view out the other side. Keeping my eyes on sneaker waves, I’m constantly with my eyes on the water to make sure a stray wave does not catch me by surprise. We don’t want a Bubba swept away to sea never to be heard from again. The extraordinary finds of the morning, are accompanied by the sounds of nature making for a soundtrack of gulls, waves and winds, rivaling any musical composition performed in a concert hall. Just a brilliant morning in nature!

NEWPORT: I make a short drive across the bridge in Newport to the South Beach State Park, where I park the Jeep and begin a walk on the South Jetty. Starting as a paved trail, it goes through sand dunes and eventually onto blocks of rocks and granite making for a very unstable surface. I decided there was no way I was gonna walk a mile to the end of the jetty on those uneven surfaces, so I called that little excursion quits, which probably saved me a visit to the emergency room. I backtrack now and walk down the beach for a while before climbing up the sand dunes and onto the trails of the state park. Back on the road again, I make a short deviation to the Devils Punch Bowl to see if there is any churning water with the high tide moving in now, but with nothing spectacular happening, I duck into a small shop to buy some home made Rocky Road Fudge, before heading back to the Motorcoach.

EVENING: I’m content with the day, so after my early morning discoveries, I chill for a bit before calling in for some pizzas at Dominos. It’s a Hawaiian Pizza and hamburger, mushroom & Jalapeños kind of night. The Jalapeños Pizza was really potent and sent my mouth into orbit though. That’s about it for the day. Until next time… 


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