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President Elect Trump & Medicare

We know that there have been many questions and a lot of uncertainty surrounding our recent Presidential campaign in regard to where our candidates stood with certain issues.  Healthcare has come up as a real hot button topic recently among the American people and so we decided to take a look at what our President Elect has said about the subject of Medicare and prescription drugs.  While he has not said a lot in regard to either, there has been much speculation on what he wants to do.  Here is what we have found for you.    

The Republican platform advocates a “premium support model” that would “guarantee to every enrollee an income adjusted contribution towards the plan of their choice with catastrophic protection.”  This means that the Republican party believes that they can save Medicare by modernizing it under privatization.  So what does this mean if Medicare were privatized?  It would mean that rather than having the federal government covering the cost of senior medical care, which is the way it is currently set up, the federal government would supply seniors with federal subsidies that would help them to purchase private insurance. However on June 20th 2016 Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen quoted Donald Trump as saying:

“Every Republican wants to do a big number on Social Security, they want to do it on Medicare, they want to do it on Medicaid.  We can’t do that. And it is not fair to the people who have been paying into it for years.” 

When it comes to prescription drugs, Donald Trump surprised everyone in January when he stated that he believes that Medicare should be able to negotiate prescription drug prices. Current laws do not allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies.  He believes that it has not been done thus far because many politicians are beholden to the pharmaceutical industry for donations.  With his background and negotiation skills this may be something he can get accomplished, and if made, this change could save billions of dollars. Mr. Trump has also said that he would that he would like to call for a change in U.S. law to allow the importation of prescription drugs from foreign countries, including Canada, with careful protections when it comes to safety and quality. 

What will happen in the future in regard to Medicare does not just lie in the hands of our future President.  It will also lie in the hands of the people who fill the House and Senate seats.  So we promise that we will keep a close eye on how the issues unfold and progress and we will alert our readership as soon as we get new information.  With so much material at our fingertips it is often times hard to decipher what is fact from what is fiction, but we promise to do our very best to bring you information that is true and helpful.

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