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Confused About Medicare? You're Not Alone. 

If you're new to Medicare, navigating the application process can be overwhelming. Between sifting through piles of carrier plans and learning complicated health insurance lingo, it's no surprise that beneficiaries feel lost, alone and confused when trying to find an insurance option that best fits their needs. But it doesn't have to be this way. At Trusted Senior Specialists, we know Medicare is unfamiliar territory for you. That's why we're passionate about bringing clarity to you by providing thorough and easy to understand Medicare information that makes your process a little bit easier. Through our free resources and support, we want you to feel informed, equipped and empowered to make the right decision when it comes time to choose a health insurance plan that best fits your budget, lifestyle and needs.

Browse through our Resource Library below. Download your free guides, checklists, e-courses, and video tutorials to further assist you in your Medicare journey! Or for immediate assistance, give one of our licensed Trusted Senior Specialists agents a call at: 1 (855) 474-6234 TTY-711.



Don't Fall Into These 5 Crucial Medicare Enrollment Traps from Trusted Senior Specialists

Medicare can be a real mystery for a majority of the 10,000+ people that come into the program each day. Today we are going to break down some common mistakes you can avoid to make the transition into Medicare smoother.

Medicare and Disability Waiting Periods - Things You Should Know via Trusted Senior Specialists

Medicare will not be available to many of us until we are age 65, but for those with long-term disabilities, Medicare is available much sooner. Here are 3 things you should know about your disability waiting period and Medicare.

4 Things People New to Medicare Need to Know

Are you new to Medicare and not sure where to start? If you need help understanding the basics of Medicare and what it all entails, here are four things you'll need to know before committing to any health care plan. 


How Will Medicare Work with My Employee Benefits or Employer Insurance?

This is a very important question our agents are often asked. Learning how Medicare works with your current insurance can help you to determine if you should sign up for Medicare when you are first eligible.

Guides & Checklists 

New to Medicare? This guide is for you! We break down the different parts of Medicare, important enrollment dates, the #1 rule people ignore before they apply and 7 frequently asked questions all Medicare eligibles ask.

Download your Medicare Checklist from Trusted Senior Specialists

Use this Medicare checklist before you enroll in a Medicare health insurance plan. This interactive checklist allows you to learn about all of your Medicare options and teaches you how to compare Medicare Supplement rates. 


Email Courses 

Sign up For Your Free Medicare Roadmap Course

We've put together a Medicare roadmap course that allows you to smoothly navigate your Medicare journey. The Medicare Roadmap will guide you through 5 Projects which will help you determine your health care needs before you even enroll. 

Sign Up For Your Free Changes to Medicare Course from Trusted Senior Specialists

Medicare has announced a modest rate increase for Part A and Part B for 2017. Medicare now says that it has sufficient financial reserves to absorb half of the expected rise in expenses for the 2017 calendar year. Click this course to find out about how these changes will affect your benefits. 


Sign Up For Your Free 9 Medicare Scenarios Course

Although Medicare is available to most people turning 65 who have worked 10 taxable years, not everyone should enroll in the same manner. There are 9 different scenarios that most Medicare eligibles fall into and it is especially important that any advice given to you is tailored to your unique situation. 


Medicare Videos



Medicare Basics Series

We've broken the complex concept of Medicare down to the basics. Learn about Medicare Part A, Part B, Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug plans, and Medigap supplements.





Medicare Explained Series 

Do you find yourself confused about the Medicare process? Don't you worry! We discuss crucial application timelines, different plans, retirement planning and much more.



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