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Medicare and Mental Health

Constant worry and anxiety that causes distress or interferes with daily activities is not a normal part of aging. It used to be thought that as we got older we become less anxious, but researchers are finding out that anxiety and depression are just as common in old age as it is in younger age groups. Mental health issues in older adults can oftentimes go undiagnosed as older patients tend to place more emphasis on their physical ailments when they visit a doctor or hospital, oftentimes dismissing a larger looming problem.  

It is important to note that everyone may experience these problems from time to time, and it does not necessarily mean that they are suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder. However, if you notice the symptoms of depression or anxiety plaguing you or a loved one more frequently it is imperative that you reach out for help. Anxiety and depression in the elderly can increase the risk of physical disability, memory problems and it can lead to a reduced quality of life. 

There are 5 key signs in people who suffer from these disorders:

  • Personality Changes
  • Withdrawal
  • Agitation with people and situations
  • Poor Self Care
  • Hopelessness

If you notice yourself suffering from any of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time, please seek help. Reach out to a family member or friend for guidance if you need to. The support and concern from a loved one may make all the difference in the world. Depression and anxiety are not signs of weakness. They can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age, no matter your background, social standing or accomplishments in life. These ailments do not have to keep power over you and hold you down! You can feel better and enjoy your golden years, no matter the challenges you face! 

Medicare Part B helps cover mental health services that you would get from a doctor, and services you would receive outside of a hospital setting, such as visits with a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or social worker, and labs and tests ordered by your doctor. There are some Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans that cover mental health services as well. For more information on these plans, give us a call. We can help you make sure you are covered! 

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