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Some Medicare Advantage plan members qualify for the SilverSneakers program

Medicare Advantage Benefits: Why a Gym Membership Is Important

Medicare Advantage provides a different way to get Original Medicare Coverage. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer extra benefits — including fitness memberships — that you don’t normally receive under Parts A and B. Let’s talk about how a Medicare Advantage plan with a gym membership benefit can help seniors stay healthy. 

Original Medicare Costs

With Original Medicare, you pay 100% for non-covered services. This means you pay for fitness programs and gym memberships out-of-pocket. Unless…  

Many Medicare Advantage Plans Have Extra Benefits

Insurers understand that when seniors exercise and participate in physical activity, it can help them stay healthy — and improve their health.  

It turns out that Medicare plans are not only intended for sick people. You might be thinking, if I’m not healthy, why would the program include a gym membership? How is that a selling point? 

By offering fitness benefits for many Medicare Advantage plan members, the carrier is trying to attract a healthier portion of Medicare beneficiaries. And it works.  

Note: Gym memberships may also be included in the extra coverage offered by Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans or other Medicare health plans.

Health Insurance Carriers Want to Attract Healthy Folks

Health insurance companies are at a financial risk of paying for covered services. The more sick a person is, the more they may have to foot the bill. Thus, they have a strong motive to enroll healthy people.   

Is There an Additional Cost?

In most cases, no. That’s the appeal of Medicare Advantage plans: the extra benefits at no additional cost. 

The Importance of a Fitness Membership for Seniors

Have you heard of the SilverSneakers program? Some Advantage plan members may qualify for it, depending on the carrier you choose. Members get access to group fitness classes, led by an instructor, to get seniors up and moving. It may be a dance class or a routine that involves weights, band, and ball exercises. 

Build Community

Working out — no matter your age or fitness level — is always better when you do it with someone else! Group classes can provide a true sense of community. In this welcoming and energetic environment, seniors may find motivation to stay healthy and set goals. Fitness classes are something to look forward to, whether daily or weekly.   

Participate in a Variety of Activities

If the idea of group classes doesn’t appeal to you, you might take walks around the fitness facility. Just 30 minutes of walking per day can strengthen bones, improve your mood, and boost endurance, among other health benefits.  

However, before you start a new exercise program, talk to your doctor.  

Discuss Your Options with a Trusted Specialist

How do you determine your best Medicare Advantage option? The factors are very much individual. If you’d like to discuss your situation with a trusted Medicare agent, contact us online or call (844) 325-8710. We’ve got you covered.