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Life Insurance

    What is life insurance? 

    Life insurance is a contract between an insurer and a policyholder in which the insurer guarantees payment of a death benefit to named beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. The insurance company promises a death benefit in consideration of the payment of premium by the insured.


     3 Ways Life  With Living Benefits Provide Peace Of Mind For Families

    There are unexpected moments in every person’s life that are challenging, and have the ability to shake things up. While not all unexpected life events are negative, there are some major ones that will be and could affect your financial future, and that may have you rethinking your life insurance choices. With that being said, do you know the difference between old insurance and new insurance?


    The Difference Between Old and New Life Insurance


    With old life insurance you have to die to use it, but with new insurance, Life with Living Benefits, it would pay out a portion of your death benefit if you were to be diagnosed with a chronic, critical or terminal illness. Due to the advancements in medicine, it is more likely to now survive a catastrophic event such as heart attack or stroke than to die from it.

    But what would that recovery period look like for you and your loved ones?  Would you be able to pay your bills? A huge event like this has the potential to wipe out your savings. What if you weren’t able to go back to work?


    3 Kinds of Relief Life with Living Benefits Provides


    This Life with Living Benefits policy is designed to pay up to 95% of your death benefit if diagnosed with a chronic, critical or terminal illness and give you peace of mind, if a serious health condition comes up. That is not the only thing that makes this policy so remarkable, other advantages are:

    1. At the age of 65 or younger, the application is SIMPLIFIED, meaning you won’t have to go through the traditional medical underwriting!
    2. This policy is guaranteed until the day you die.  The premiums will never increase, and the policy value NEVER goes down.
    3. If you decide you do not want the policy any longer, you can cancel it at three specific time periods and get your money back!

    When our Co-Founder Michael Wilhelm first heard of this product he put himself in our clients shoes and started considering what he would want for his family if he were to become seriously ill and be unable to work. After doing much research on this product, he took out a Life with Living Benefits policy to ensure that he would have peace of mind when it came to his wife's wellbeing if anything ever happened to him. They both have the freedom from worrying about the “what if’s.”



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    If something were to happen to you, alive or not, our policies would relieve your loved ones from huge financial burdens. Here are some plans that can alleviate that stress. 


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