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Is There an Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Supplements?

Generally, there is no specific annual enrollment period for Medicare Supplements. However, you can try and apply at any point throughout the year. The best time to do so, however, is during your personal open enrollment period.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to enroll in a supplement plan similar to the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

The Best Time to Enroll in a Supplement Plan

The closest equivalent to an Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Supplements is what is called your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period (SOEP). While this may sound identical to the AEP, this is a limited window of time specific to you.

The SOEP takes place during the 6 months following your 65th birthday. Rather than a yearly opportunity to make changes to your coverage like the AEP offers, then, you have this single opportunity to enroll in a Supplement plan, not make changes to your current coverage.

The Difficulty with Enrolling in Supplement Plans

Of course, the SOEP is not nearly as convenient as the AEP. However, you are not limited to this 6-month window for supplemental coverage—in other words, if you are, say, 70 years old, you may still apply for a supplement plan at any point.

The issue with enrolling in supplement plans, however, is a process called medical underwriting. After the SOEP, supplement providers will ask a variety of health-related questions which they will then use to approve or deny you coverage. The SOEP does not, by contrast, require this process, making it much easier to get approved.

Guaranteed-Issue Supplement Enrollment

There are a few instances, however, where you can skip medical underwriting after your SOEP. Depending on the circumstances, you can be approved for a guaranteed-issue supplement enrollment, if:

  • You’re enrolled in Original Medicare and an employer insurance plan that is ending.
  • You’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and move out of the plan’s service area.
  •  Your Medicare Advantage plan leaves the Medicare program.
  • You enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan when you were first eligible, but changed your mind within the first year.

Need Help Enrolling in a Supplement Plan? Call Trusted Senior Specialists

Enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan can be a tricky process, but certainly not impossible. With the right guidance, you can get the coverage you need at an affordable cost. If you would like free insurance help, call Trusted Senior Specialists at (855) 952-1941.