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The Affordable Care Act makes individual health insurance plans less expensive

Is It Easier to Get Individual Health Insurance with the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act provides low-income families with affordable health insurance options. Before the Affordable Care Act, income disparities in U.S. communities forced many people to go without coverage. Now, minimum levels of coverage are more affordable than ever. This is how the Affordable Care Act has made individual health insurance easier to obtain. 

How The Affordable Care Act Works

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes individual health insurance plans less expensive by providing participants with premium tax credits that can be used to lower the cost of an ACA-compliant policy. The ACA also includes a cost-sharing reduction component that significantly lowers out-of-pocket costs that the insured have to pay in order to receive health care services. Together, these program benefits allow people who would otherwise be unable to afford health insurance to get coverage for themselves and their family members. 

Who Is Eligible For Affordable Care Act Coverage

The ACA makes health care insurance cheaper, but it also makes it more accessible. Plans that are ACA-compliant are often accepting of applicants with nearly any background. Insurers who offer ACA-compliant policies are only allowed to ask a few health questions, they cannot require you to undergo a medical exam. This ensures that people will not be as likely to be denied coverage due to their current health status. 

Shopping For ACA Plans

The implementation of the ACA also allowed for the creation of easy to use shopping platforms that make buying insurance easier than ever. Consumers can use the various exchanges and marketplaces that exist to find policy options that fit their needs. While this process is highly simplified, you may still benefit from working with an insurance agent. They often have access to more powerful tools that can even generate quotes for potential insurance plans. 

ACA Downsides

ACA policy is not entirely good and there are some downsides. While some ACA members are eligible for cost-reducing subsidies, others are not. In instances where you do not qualify for ACA subsidies, health care coverage may actually be more expensive than it was before the ACA was implemented. Though, the benefits of ACA options seem to outweigh the costs, especially for individuals who have few options for coverage. 

Find Individual Health Coverage

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