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Handy Apps To Help You Stay Savvy

There are many beneficial and useful ways to utilize our smartphones and tablets besides just surfing the internet. Senior living is becoming very savvy, and we are now using technology more than ever and in ways we may have been reluctant to try in the past. In addition to surfing the web there are a variety of apps that seniors can enjoy that may not just be useful, but they may be necessary to assist with some daily tasks. 

While some apps have been created purely for entertainment, there have been some created specifically to cater to the needs of the senior community. These apps can help make some tasks easier to do or to remember while helping seniors to remain in control of their health and safety. It also is helping to keep us socially connected with our family and friends which helps to combat against loneliness. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite and most used apps:

Medisafe App: Considered the top medical reminder app, Medisafe Pill Reminder is known for being user-friendly, with a sleek design. The app offers personalized reminders for each day, as well as important drug interaction warnings, missed medication alerts, refill reminders when you’re running low, and family scheduling tools. That way you and a caregiver will get notifications

Red Panic Button: If you were ever to fall down and get hurt, or get lost, having this app may be beneficial to survival. By pushing the red button in the application it will send your current position and address in the form of Google maps to the numbers found on your panic contact list. 

Magnifying Glass: Do you ever accidentally leave your glasses at home when you are out shopping and struggle with reading labels? By downloading one of the magnifying apps you don’t have to worry any longer. These apps can use your device’s camera as a fully functional digital magnifier to help you read small print or see in low lighting situations. 

Around Me: This app can use your location to help you search for the nearest banks, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations etc. It will show you a complete list of businesses in the category that you choose along with the distance to it from where you are. 

Luminosity: This app boasts over 50 brain games to help you keep your mind sharp. These are also a great boredom buster and a good option instead of watching television.

Kindle: The Kindle app can be downloaded to a phone or tablet and allows you to make book and magazine purchases that you can read using the app. There is also an app called Audible in which you can purchase audiobooks to listen to. Many local libraries also have apps in which you can download and read or listen to books if you are not in a position to purchase. Give your local library a call and ask.

Yesterday USA: Quite possibly one of the neatest apps we found, this one streams old time radio shows from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Give it a listen, we don’t think you will be disappointed!

Do you have any favorite apps you could share with us? We would love to hear about them to share for a future feature article! Send us an email at . We cannot wait to hear from you!

Come back and visit our blog as we will continue to share the most useful apps and websites that we find. 

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