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Do I Need A Geriatric Doctor?

Most of us consider ourselves to be careful consumers when it comes to our healthcare. I know I do… or at least I try to be. I have to admit though, the older I get the more difficult it becomes to try and keep it all together.


Often as we age our medical needs become greater, and with that, the number of the medications we take can increase, along with the side effects and the risk of possible drug interactions.  

Depending on what our ailments are, we could find ourselves visiting several different doctors a year.

While most family practitioners can manage these issues, there are times when it could be beneficial to visit a doctor that has some experience in juggling multiple specialists, tests, medications, and medical records.

What Is a Geriatric Doctor?

Contrary to what most people think, geriatrics is not just for people who are very old and frail or living in a nursing home. A geriatric doctor is worth considering for anyone who could benefit from having their healthcare suitably modified to be a better fit for what happens as we get older. Let’s face it, if you are aged 60 or older, this almost certainly means you.

A Geriatric Physician (also called a Geriatrician) is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and disability in older adults. A Geriatrician provides comprehensive care for people later in life. They are board-certified, usually in family medicine or internal medicine, but they have received additional training and certification in geriatric medicine.

When your children were little you probably took them to a pediatrician, because after all, babies and children have specialized needs that differ from us adults. On the other end of the spectrum, it only makes sense that we visit doctors who are specialized in how to care for us as we age. As a benefit, a geriatrician knows the importance of maintaining independent living and social support as well as using a holistic approach that emphasizes healthy aging and preventive care.

Finding the right geriatric doctor who can treat you appropriately is so important. Today’s doctor-patient relationships are more collaborative than ever, and it is essential that you find someone who will truly listen to you. Your health depends on it.

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