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Dental, Vision and Hearing…

What to expect when it comes to Medicare

We often talk of the different parts of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement plans and what they cover. But today I want to talk about some fundamental services Medicare does not cover.

If you are new to Medicare, or maybe you have been enrolled for matter the circumstances, you may be surprised to learn that the robust Medicare program does not cover dental, vision and hearing. Neither Original Medicare nor Medicare Supplements cover these three critical categories, and most Medicare Advantage plans offer limited coverage or no coverage at all. 

Regular dental, vision and hearing exams are necessary when it comes to helping maintain your health as you age, as these areas can be a reflection of your overall health. The bad news is that without proper coverage for preventative screenings and to cover the medical conditions that could arise concerning these 3 critical sensory features, it could leave you with astronomical out of pocket costs when you go to see a dentist, eye doctor or audiologist. 

Many Beneficiaries face large, unpleasant out-of-pocket expenses before they even realize that they are lacking coverage in these areas. These unforeseen situations can be painful, inconvenient, and very expensive.

The possibilities of high out of pocket costs mean that many seniors go without needed services and procedures. Here is some food for thought: A 2016 article published by Commonwealth Fund found that among Medicare Beneficiaries polled:

  • 75% of those polled who needed a hearing aid did not have one due to costs
  • 70% had trouble eating because of their teeth, and they had not been to see a dentist in the past year or longer..
  • And 43% of those who had trouble seeing had not had an eye exam in the past year. 

While no one can stop the natural consequences that come with aging, there are steps we can take to help either slow the process, or gain control of certain conditions before they can take control of us. 

Enrolling in a Dental, Vision, Hearing plan in addition to a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan ensures that you have maximum flexibility and convenience when it comes to your coverage and care. . In order to protect yourself from large out of pocket costs for dental care call and speak with one of our trusted agents to learn more about adding a dental, vision and hearing plan to your Medicare. 



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