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Rediscover the Great Outdoors:

The Joys of Camping for Adults In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our connection with nature often takes a backseat. However, as


The Benefits Of Game Nights

More Than Just Fun and Games We live in a world where the speed of life can often leave us forgetting the importance of real

Healthy Living

Some Secrets To Happiness

Happiness doesn’t just feel good, it is also good for us! When was the last time you intentionally tried being happy when things were not


Handy Apps To Help You Stay Savvy

There are many beneficial and useful ways to utilize our smartphones and tablets besides just surfing the internet. Senior living is becoming very savvy, and


Let’s Have Some Fun!

Regardless of your age, and in the words of Cyndi Lauper “girls ( and boys) just wanna have fun!”  Let me share a fun list


Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Tips

The Super Bowl is a day to enjoy the game with your friends, but shouldn’t be a day you have to derail your diet.  From


The Benefits of Joining a Book Club

With added book reviews I’ve been in a book club for a couple years now, and I have to say, the benefits have surprised me.