Ancillary Plans

Ancillary plans are specialized insurance policies that are designed to supplement a primary health insurance policy. These plans provide coverage for services that are not typically covered by traditional health insurance policies, such as dental, vision, hearing, and cancer care.

Ancillary plans can be purchased separately or in combination with other insurance policies, such as Medicare or employer-sponsored health insurance plans. They are designed to provide additional financial protection for individuals who have specific healthcare needs that are not adequately covered by their primary health insurance.

Some common types of ancillary plans include dental insurance, vision insurance, hearing insurance, cancer insurance, and hospital indemnity insurance. These policies provide coverage for specific healthcare needs that may not be covered by traditional health insurance policies, such as routine dental exams, eye exams, hearing aids, cancer treatment, and hospital stays.

Ancillary plans can be particularly important for individuals who have high deductibles or copays on their primary health insurance policies, or who are concerned about the high costs associated with specific healthcare needs. They can help provide peace of mind knowing that you have additional coverage to help manage the costs of medical care.

If you’re interested in purchasing an ancillary plan, contact us today to learn about available plans in your area.

Ancillary plans can be a valuable addition to your healthcare coverage, providing the additional financial protection you need to manage the costs of specific healthcare needs.