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you can get dental, vision, and hearing benefits through Medicare Advantage

Can You Get Dental, Vision, and Hearing Coverage Through Medicare?

If you’re relying on Medicare for your primary health coverage, you should be aware that Medicare does not typically offer dental, vision, or hearing benefits. If you need these benefits, you will need to source them privately or sign up for some Medicare Advantage plans. This is how you can get dental, vision, and hearing coverage with Medicare.

Does Medicare Offer Vision, Dental, Or, Hearing?

If you’re enrolled in Original Medicare, you won’t receive vision, dental, or hearing benefits through your coverage. If you receive these forms of care, you will need to pay for them out-of-pocket or using another form of qualified coverage. If you would like these benefits to be provided through a Medicare affiliated insurer, you may be able to find a Medicare Advantage plan that offers minor vision, dental, and hearing benefits. 

Vision, Dental, and Hearing With Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are offered privately through insurance companies that have contracted with the Medicare agency to provide members with their Medicare benefits. Therefore, Advantage plans have more flexibility in the types of benefits they are able to offer in their plans. Some Advantage plans include dental, vision, and hearing coverage as an incentive to attract customers. These benefits are often offered to members of network plans or direct member reimbursement programs. 

Types Of Medicare Advantage – Vision, Dental, and Hearing Benefits

The benefits you receive from a Medicare Advantage plan may be limited. Here are some examples of benefits you can expect to receive in each category:

  • Dental:
    • Oral exams
    • Routine cleanings 
    • X-rays
    • Fillings
    • Extractions
    • Whitening
  • Vision
    • Eye exams
    • Eyewear purchases
  • Hearing
    • Routine hearing exams
    • Hearing aid purchases
    • Hearing aid fitting services

Find Medicare Advantage Coverage

Are you enrolled in Original Medicare but looking to gain access to vision, dental, and hearing benefits? You should consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan that offers these benefits. Contact the experts at Trusted Senior Specialists today to schedule a consultation with an insurance agent.