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It is possible to decline Medicare coverage

Can You Decline Medicare Coverage?

Enrollment in Medicare gives many the opportunity to access high-quality healthcare and relieves the financial pressure that medical bills can bring. If you’re wanting to decline or delay your enrollment in Medicare, let’s discuss your options and whether or not this is the best decision.

About Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance. If you or your spouse has been paying into Medicare taxes for at least ten years prior to your 65th birthday, when that time arrives, you’ll qualify for premium-free Part A. Because of this, there is little reason to not enroll in Part A. The US government requires that if you do receive Social Security benefits, you must accept your Part A premium-free enrollment. Around your 65th birthday, you’ll receive a packet in the mail detailing your new coverage and its possibilities.

Delaying Enrollment

If you’re still working and have insurance through your employer, Medicare will most likely allow you to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period. This means that you’re not required to enroll when most people are, around their 65th birthday. Instead, you can enroll in Medicare when your employer insurance ends.  This allows you time to decide which Medicare policy will work best for you and when to stop your employer’s health insurance.

What Medicare Provides

Many people choose to enroll in Medicare because of the excellent health and hospital insurance it provides. By enrolling in Medicare, you gain access to high-quality medical professionals and the treatments they provide. Medical supplies and home health care are also covered through Medicare, as long as they’ve been deemed to be medically necessary by a doctor.

Enrolling in Medicare is a decision that will benefit you, as you’ll have reduced medical bills and more financial freedom. Paying into Medicare taxes for the allotted amount of time and receiving premium-free Part A is one of the best ways to reduce your medical bills and gain excellent health insurance coverage.

Enrolling in Other Insurance

Medicare does not require that they be your sole insurance provider. Even if you have other health insurance, you can still enroll in Medicare and use the coverage that both of your policies provide. Not all insurance policies are equal and one may cover something that the other doesn’t. This can greatly reduce medical bills and is an excellent option for those that already have insurance when their Initial Enrollment Period begins. If you’re wondering how Medicare could work alongside your current insurance policy, make an appointment to meet with one of our professionals today.