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Apply For Social Security

What You Need to Apply for Social Security Benefits

Applying for Social Security benefits has never been easier. Methods for enrollment have expanded past the traditional, in-person trip to the Social Security office to approaches that conserve gas and time, such as applying online, or contacting a dedicated, TSS agent to assist you with the process.

Information You Need to Apply for Social Security Benefits

Having all of your information handy can help to ensure a quicker, easier Social Security benefits application process. To apply, you need to have the following information:

  • Your date and place of birth.
  • Your social security number.
  • Your bank or other financial institution’s Routing Transit Number (RTS), and your bank account number.
  • The amount of money you earned last year and this year. If you are filing for benefits in the months of September through December, you will also need to estimate next year’s earnings.
  • The name and address of your employer(s) for this year and last year.
  • (If applicable): The beginning and ending dates of any active U.S. military service you had before 1968.
  • The name, social security number, and date of birth or age of your current spouse and any former spouse(s). You should also know the date(s) and place(s) of marriage, and if applicable, the date(s) of divorce or death.

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