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3 Things Every Veteran Should Know About Their Healthcare Benefits

If you are a Veteran that is eligible for Medicare, you have likely wondered what the difference is between VA benefits and Medicare coverage. Navigating the expansive world of which benefits are available to you, what you qualify for, how these benefits are compatible with other benefits and making sure that you get what you both need and want can be a very frustrating and overwhelming task. For providing service to our great country, you get access to special benefits. You might just find yourself, however, disheartened trying to get them all sorted out. 

Our mission at Trusted Senior Specialists is to help educate and empower our veterans when it comes to Medicare options available to them outside of the VA. While the VA does offer great benefits, it is not a complete healthcare solution. The level of care that you receive from the VA is based on Priority Groups and not everyone will receive the same benefits. In the approaching years, the VA cannot guarantee sufficient funding to provide care for all enrollees. What is covered today may not be covered tomorrow, and that is a scary thought! That would mean that Veterans would be susceptible to high out of pocket costs. 

In speaking with other Veterans, just like you, we have learned that having VA coverage alone is not meeting all of your healthcare needs. Here are some matters to consider:

  • Time: Wait times at the VA clinics and hospitals can be long and tedious. We often hear that appointment wait times are several days, weeks or sometimes even months.
  • Doctor’s Network: The VA’s network of doctors may be limited to the doctors and hospitals  nearest to you. You can apply to see someone out of the VA network, but if there is a doctor inside the network they can delay or even deny your request. 
  • Travel: How close is your VA clinic? VA hospital? If you are traveling and something were to happen to you, where would you go? How much would you have to spend? 

We urge you to give us a call. We have a team of trained specialists ready to speak with you about Medicare plans that coordinate with your VA benefits where you would have access to a network of doctors and facilities that can treat you quickly.  Many of these plans offer additional benefits such as vision, dental, prescription drug coverage and more. The VA recommends that Veterans NOT decline Medicare solely because they have VA coverage. They encourage Veterans to enroll with Medicare while utilizing their local Veterans Affairs benefits to have complete coverage and control costs when it comes to needed healthcare services. 

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